Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster

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Roasting coffee is absolutely a learning curve for a coffee enthusiast, but undoubtedly, it is one of the most rewarding journeys. Certainly, there are a number of well-known domestic sample roasters for home use such as Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster, but they don’t offer a relatively simple roasting experience for those who prefer enjoying home-roasted coffee beans right out of the box without necessarily having a decent level of roasting knowledge.

IKAWA home coffee roaster is designed and developed to offer a precise roasting experience to home users regardless of the environment and experience of the user. But, what makes IKAWA an outstanding home coffee bean roaster? Let’s examine its features and see how they offer home coffee roaster a simple roasting experience.


IKAWA Preprogrammed Roasting Profiles

One of the most exclusive and outstanding features of the IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster is its excellently preprogrammed roasting profiles that allow coffee enthusiasts to roast professional-grade coffee effectively without the need for prior knowledge. The Ikawa Bluetooth function allows for customizable roast profile control as well as monitoring via an Android or IOS app. Just like the Acacia app’s brew recipe sharing function, the IKawa app also allows users to share their roast recipes with each other. Moreover, if you source your green coffee beans straight from IKAWA, you stand a chance to make the most of IKAWA’s perfected roasting procedures for specific beans.


IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster is incredibly compact sized and comes with a more appealing modern design that comfortably fits in your kitchen corner just like any of your other appliances. Besides, it is portable and you can easily unplug and take it to wherever you wish to take your coffee bean roasting experience.

Quality of Build

Even though IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster’s primary aim is simplicity, it features a body build of high quality that is designed to eliminate any chances of failure. In fact, the only moving element in this roaster is the fan and can reach a maximum of 22 500 RPM. The fan is responsible for driving the heat away from the heating elements all the way to the roasting chamber.

This roaster is designed in a way that it uses air to drive out the chaff as well as the coffee beans once they are perfectly roasted. As such, there is no clogging of the chaff filter during the roasting process.

This roaster is also designed with safety in mind. It is designed to isolate heat from the roasting process so that it does not affect any other internal components. Besides, several safety checks have been done during the development of its prototypes that it took to get the final design. So if you are looking for a coffee roaster that guarantees you both perfect roast and safety, IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster is the deal.

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The outer cover of this roaster is designed and made from durable aluminium while the roasting chamber is made transparent by high-quality safety glass. The ultra-sensitive A-grade platinum temperature sensor, as well as PID – controlled heating element combine to deliver the consistent and precise roasting profiles into reality.


The Doser is featured on the top of the roaster and its main function is to allow users to measure a perfect amount of coffee. Every roast takes about 60g of green coffee beans which then translates into about 50g of perfectly roast coffee beans. You don’t have to worry about how you will measure the number of coffee beans you would like to roast, the Doser is pretty simple to use and it is durable owing to its cast stainless steel.

Cover Lid

IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster features a lid that is attached using samarium-cobalt magnets thus eliminating the need for screwing. This makes the cleaning of the roaster easier. Since the lid is designed and made from toughened safety glass just like that of an oven door, you can observe how your coffee is roasting.

Roaster’s Capacity

IKAWA roasting chamber holds up to 60g of green coffee beans that will yield you about 50g of roasted coffee. The roasting process often takes up to a minimum of 3 minutes.  You can roast consecutively with the IKAWA roaster without any difficulty since the exercise is generally simple and not tedious compared to when using other coffee roaster models. If you want to roast a number of batches over a short period of time, you can roast 250g of coffee beans in about 15 to 20 minutes. You can see how pretty fast this coffee roaster is.

Revolutionize the Way You Roast Your Coffee Bean

You can unlock your world of fantastic flavours and striking aromas by roasting your own coffee beans at the comfort of your kitchen in minutes with the IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster. However, you will have to get the best green coffee beans if you will want to get the perfect roast that is tailored to those beans.

You can brew your coffee just the way you would like it. Whether you want cafetiére, Pour-over, AeroPress, Espresso or Moka pot, IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster will take your connoisseurship to a whole new level! Just select your preferred roast recipe from your smartphone, measure your coffee beans into the roasting chamber and watch as they roast. A home coffee roaster cannot get any better than this!

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