BeanPlus Coffee Roaster

The BeanPlus Coffee Roaster is a coffee roaster that you can use as a professional or a novice.
BeanPlus Coffee Roaster
BeanPlus Coffee Roaster

The BeanPlus Coffee Roaster can be used by a professional or a novice. It comes with different features and technology that you will definitely pay close attention to when buying your coffee roaster. Certainly, a coffee roaster that delivers the best out of your green coffee beans isn’t cheap to get. However, when you consider the temperature at the coffee roaster will be operating to roast your green coffee beans to your preferred flavour and test, you need to choose a roaster that is rugged and durable. Let’s look at what BeanPluss Coffee Roaster has to offer to coffee enthusiasts.

ir?t=coffeeroas033 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B06XC5FFRVRoasting coffee beans in the comfort of your home isn’t a difficult thing to do; in fact, you can even use your popcorn popper or stove, right? But if you are serious about producing the best flavour from your high-quality fresh green coffee beans, you will absolutely need to consider stepping up and get the best home coffee bean roaster. Do you really want to enjoy fresh, roasted coffee? Having BeanPlus Coffee Roaster will be the best thing.

What are the pros and cons of the BeanPlus Coffee Roaster

  • It is safe to use with a secure front lid that features a locking mechanism
  • It is easy to use even by a beginner. Comes with just 9 level roasting presets
  • It is smokeless and runs really quiet. You don’t have to open your kitchen windows or run your fan to eliminate smoke. And if you hate the noise that may disrupt your peace of mind, then this is the coffee roaster to choose
  • Delivers equal and consistent roasted coffee beans courtesy of its rotating Swing.
  • Large capacity of up to 150g that allows you to roast enough coffee beans for your coffee brews at ago
  • Transparent chamber lid for observation during the roasting process
  • It is large hence takes a lot of space in your kitchen. If you are planning to have a coffee roaster to fit in your small corner in your kitchen, this would not be an ideal purchase.
  • Its price is a bit higher compared to its competitors
  • It can’t effectively roast too many coffee beans at a time
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  • Observable Roasting Process

Once you have dropped your coffee beans into the roasting chamber and pushed the roasting button, you can have the pleasure to see how your coffee beans are roasting. The lid to the roasting chamber is made from toughened transparent glass that allows you to see whether the coffee beans have roasted to your preference. You don’t have to guess anymore.

  • Safe Roasting

The lid to the roasting chamber features a safety lock that securely keeps the roasting chamber closed during the roasting process. If by accident you open the lid during the roasting process, the roaster automatically stops working in order to prevent an accident.

  • Capacity

If you are a real coffee enthusiast, then the BeanPlus Coffee Roaster is what you might consider taking home. Or are you generous enough to share your quality coffee bean roasts? The roasting chamber of this machine gives you the chance to roast enough coffee beans to share with your family and friends. It features 150g capacity per roasting. With this coffee roaster, you will roast enough coffee beans for the day.

  • Rotating S Wing

Any coffee lover would like to take the best flavour from their fresh green and high-quality coffee beans. The BeanPlus Coffee Roaster gives you nothing less of quality and consistent roast for your coffee. The rotating Swing will ensure that the coffee beans are regularly mixed in the roasting chamber for equal and consistent roasting.

  • Simple and Dedicated Control

The BeanPlus Coffee Roaster features simple and dedicated controls that offer the user ease of operation even for a newbie. It comes with 9 level roasting dial that gives you a variety of level of the kind of roast you will want to have. Besides, with simple and dedicated control, BeanPlus Coffee Roaster is considered one of the most friendly coffee roasters to use in your home.

  • Low Smoke and Noise

If you are worried about eliminating smoke from your kitchen when roasting your coffee bean, don’t worry anymore. This coffee roaster is fitted with a smart smoke reduction system that removes up to 90 per cent of smoke that is eliminated from the roasting chamber. The bean husks, on the other hand, are removed into the bean husk that is right below the roasting chamber.

  • Neat Clean

After every roasting, a neat cleanup is available to ensure the roaster is kept and maintained as clean as possible. Moreover, the clean process is not as complicated as the roaster may seem to suggest.

  • Looks and Appearance

When it comes to appearance, the BeanPlus Coffee Roaster is certainly a league apart. In fact, its appearance makes it appear like a complex coffee roaster to operate in your home.  Nonetheless, this cannot be far from the truth!


Having your preferred cup of coffee is one of the relieving experiences especially during one of the cold winter days. Certainly, the best cup of coffee is one that is made to your exact standards. Roasting coffee beans at you home simply adds depth, flavour, and aroma to your coffee-making experience. In fact, it is a way to connect with the process while tweaking everyone’s preferred coffee bean into a beverage that is exclusively yours. Indeed it is truly difficult to find the best coffee roaster for your fresh green beans.

However, a glance at the BeanPlus Coffee Roaster, you can put an end to your search. This is because it is a home coffee roaster that is not only simple and easy to use but also delivers exceptional results from your coffee beans. Besides, it doesn’t require you to have any experience using roasters; you simply get started once you unbox it.

Are you planning to kickstart your coffee roasting adventure or are you planning to get rid of your old coffee roaster? You don’t have to look further than the BeanPlus Coffee Roaster. Pick this model and kick out poor roast frustrations!

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