Best Affordable Drip Coffee Maker

Even the best affordable drip coffee maker relies on the background of a well-thought process of bean to grinds!
best affordable drip coffee maker
best affordable drip coffee maker

Even the best drip coffee maker relies on the background of a well-thought process of bean grinds. So if you have a machine that can brew your decent coffee, it’s because you have good ground coffee too.

Drip coffee makers today have numerous presentations, all to win the buyer’s hearts with addition or emission to make the best coffee maker of all time. Affordability means the machine can work within the budgeted value to produce that quality and flavour.  

The list we have created will help you get the value of the best cheap coffee maker.

Why choose these affordable drip coffee makers

Choosing an affordable apparatus does not mean that you will not be in a position to upgrade or buy the best completely. On the contrary, today, manufacturers are running towards making models that can accommodate a good machine and save on the pocket.

Despite their affordability, most of them are often portable, flexible and compact. You will want a machine that fixes your need for quality tasting coffee while choosing to remain attainable. Today, expensive does not necessarily mean quality too. People want a machine that can fix their cravings now, not later.

What to look out for when buying

Regardless of why you need the best budget coffee maker, we have compiled a list of reasons to help you make the right decision about the coffee maker you want. During your search for the best affordable coffee maker, look for that machine that will;

  • A machine that will occupy the imagined space in your house or office
  • The models available- choose a coffee maker that is in tune with the current trends.
  • Go for a machine that will offer you the best-tasting coffee or has a choice of brews. However, do not be limited to poor-tasting coffee making.   
  • Time- the element of time is essential for one thing; you cannot take home a machine that makes coffee slowly.

Best Affordable Drip Coffee Maker

Are you looking to have the best affordable coffee maker for your travel, home, office or just when you are on your travel? We have all come to that point where our budgets permit what can be afforded. So we have made a list of some of the affordable drip coffee makers. Of course, they vary in prices and models, but we are sure there’s one for you too.

Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer

This machine is affordable as it makes coffee—great value for a great machine. You will get the best-tasting coffee from this machine from the custom brews strengths for those who don’t like bitter or go for a strong cup of coffee. Choose between classic and rich modes of coffee and a 4-cup batch when you don’t like to brew the whole carafe.

Waking up to brew coffee is personal using this 24-hour programming delay that ensures a fresh cup when you wake up. In addition, the hot plate keeps the coffee fresh for up to 4 hours and even better brewing technology which makes hotter coffee.

The 60 oz water reservoir accounts for 12 cups of coffee into the glass carafe. When finished brewing, remove the water reservoir and quickly fill it up in your tap. The carafe has a spill sprout and a lockable lid to avoid spillage. Best of all, the scoop attached to this machine specifies how you brew coffee grounds on the water/coffee ratio.


  • The plastic scoop measure makes brewing easy.
  • You do not need a paper filter as it comes with its permanent filter basket
  • The dripless carafe sprout reduces coffee mess
  • Easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe


  • The glass carafe is fragile when careless handling is involved
  • Its mainly made from plastic
  • It is bulkier

Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Coffee Maker

It is a magnificent and stylish addition to your modern kitchen. Mr. Coffee is a 10-cup coffee maker with a stainless-steel thermal carafe that keeps your brew hot for hours anywhere. The brewing temperature of 205*F extracts robust flavours from the coffee and also assists in brewing faster.   

The start of brewing is initiated by the sizeable removable water reservoir and a programmable feature that tracks the last time you had a cup of coffee. Water and timer in place, ground coffee is placed in a paper filter from the removable filtration system. It does have a set delay for a brew up to 24 hours and a freshness timer that keeps watching on the time it has taken on the coffee since it was brewed.


  • It’s stylish and compact. 
  • The freshness timer keeps tabs on how long coffee has been sitting there for freshness.  
  • The thermal carafe is durable and keeps coffee hot and fresh.


  • It has no permanent filter    
  • Added costs due to buying of the filters    

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio, as the name suggests, is a machine that brews coffee in three ways. First, it has a pot and single side for brewing, either a single cup/ travel mug or the 10-cup carafe. Wouldn’t you want a machine that can operate with such flexibility? Use your k-cup pods or the ground coffee on this machine. It has stainless steel carafe, which will keep your coffee warm and fresh for longer.

The impressive thing about this machine is that it houses two water reservoirs for each side of the brewer, and as such, you can keep track of the water on each side. In addition, the cup holder on the single-serve side is removable to allow for taller mugs, and it also houses the cup rest for packing the brew basket.

Program the espresso machine to make coffee whenever you want and when you need that strong kick, or you are a bit easy on the coffee by taking mild. It has many removable parts which are dishwasher safe.


  • This machine is very flexible- it fixes your caffeine urge from any side all the time.    
  • It has a thermal carafe which keeps the coffee hot for longer   
  • It accommodates travel mugs
  • It is programmable and easy to use


  • Separate water tanks mean that you have to fill up each time you want coffee from a different side.
  • The use of pods leads to an ecological disaster.
  • Its a bit expensive compared to the other models under 100$

KRUPS ET351 Coffee Maker

We love reviewing budget coffee maker machines that come with the thermal carafe. They are primarily durable but slightly higher in cost than their counterparts of the glass carafe. The KRUPS ET351 Coffee Maker is a

simple, straightforward working machine. The user interface is simplified with small readable buttons. It makes 12 cups with a pause and serves option when brewing. Despite making 12 cups, you can choose the 1-4 cup option if you are unwilling to make the whole carafe.

This machine, despite its simplicity, is programmable to 24-hour coffee readiness. And the cleaning function is just one button press and facilitates descaling. This machine has a gold-tone filter which eliminates the need for purchasing water filters. If you are looking for a simple-to-use yet, versatile machine, this is where you have one.


  • The thermal carafe is always a plus for any coffee machine.    
  • Understandable and straightforward user interface  
  • It can be programmed 24 hours in advance to brew your coffee


  • The body is made of plastic.


The BLACK+DECKER CM2045B-1 coffee machine boasts an enormous 12 cup carafe that will keep the freshly brewed coffee hot for up to 2 hours. It has a relatively straightforward user interface consisting of one-off presses, and your work is done. Program your coffee maker for 24 hours to when you wake up to avoid starting your day without that caffeine kick.

With the press of one button, you can customize your coffee brewing process to make stronger coffee when you slow down the process. After the brewing process is complete, use the auto-clean system to assist the machine in improving performance.

The carafe spout is designed to prevent the spills that accompany pouring. This machine is unique and versatile in its way. So if we have described what you see fit for your daily routine, go pick it up and brew yourself that kick-ass brew.


  • It is easy to use     
  • The thermal carafe keeps the fresh coffee hot for over two hours 
  • You can select your brew strength


  • It does not come with a reusable coffee filter
  • Spillage when you fill to the 12th cup level  

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1

This machine, Cuisinart DCC-3200P1, is a beautiful coffee machine with stainless-steel housing, making it stand out from the other budget coffee makers that we have listed above. They have gone further on to make the user interface very straightforward and interactive. Set the carafe’s temperature with the push of a button from the display. The tone of the coffee you would like is also set from the panel.

Some people would like to have their coffee done at the start of the day with the programmable 24 hours delay. This machine has the option of making 1-4 cups if you’re not interested in making the whole carafe of 14 cups. The glass carafe is marked for easy water measurement. You will also find the brew and pause system effective and an added advantage to this model.

The charcoal water purifier cleanses the water for the best-tasting coffee. It is accompanied by a permanent gold-tone filter which saves you from buying paper filters. But if you feel that the permanent filter is not enough, you can still add the paper filter for the best results.

Keep in mind that the thermal carafe option in this range is more expensive than the glass carafe. The choice lies in you and how you have budgeted.


  • The machine is built with stainless steel, making it look elegant and durable.    
  • It is compact for a mid-range type of coffee.
  • The auto-shutoff helps save energy.


  • The glass carafe is not always durable due to breakage.
  • Coffee may not always be hot.

Buyers guide: Tips on buying the best affordable drip coffee maker

The following tips will address the tools you require to have that coffee machine. They will be a combination that does not always work together. Still, we hope that the best budget coffee machines we have selected for you have the best capabilities appealing to you.

Carafe thermal or glass

The thermal or glass carafe is one factor that always is overlooked. If you are on the hunt for the machine, you need to address the question of which carafe best fits your current situation. Ok, some espresso machines may address your wants but fil on the carafe of your choice. Don’t disqualify it yet. The baseline here is to make quality coffee wherever we are.

Thermal carafes are better as they will keep the brew hot for longer without the need for reheating. Still, on the other hand, glass carafes have that heating plate that maintains your coffee warm for a specified amount of time. The demerits and merits of how they work are specified on each item.

The other important issue is the durability of the carafes. The thermal is far more durable than a glass carafe. These differences also affect the prices, with the thermal being more expensive than the glass carafe.

The coffee will brew with a presentation.

There are three main ways coffee is presented for drip coffee makers. As ground coffee, k-cups and whole beans. What the machine uses also affects the quality of your coffee. Ground coffee is an off-the-counter option which serves fresh coffee but eventually goes stale after the first opening. Therefore, choosing suitable grinds for the drip machine is vital to quality coffee.

k-cups are also convenient, but they leave an ecological disaster. They are always packed in heavy plastic, which must be disposed of after every brew cycle.

The whole bean chosen should be ground to the specification of drip brewing- medium or fine coarse to get the best results.

The water filtration

Water filtration ensures that the coffee being consumed is free of impurities as the more minor the impurities, the better tasting the coffee. Some of the machines have charcoal filtration, which is the best, while others have double mesh or paper filters.


Programming is one of the most sought-after characteristics in any model. Modern coffee machines have not been left behind in the preparation of coffee. However, competition is stiff as many manufacturers have become a selling point for selecting brew cycles. Therefore, choose a model that is not as complex, but also you will be comfortable learning how to operate.


The Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer is filled with promise and ability. It makes excellent coffee and has features that we haven’t found in any other machine we have listed. It is a stand-alone on this hence why we think it will be better for you. The price, too, is nothing out of range.

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way cannot escape our scrutiny without bias. Still, it outshines many others with its ability to multitask. Make a single coffee or for the whole family courtesy of its pods or the ground coffee. Those two will give you the best, and if not, any of the listed is still a catch.


It is usually easy to find affordable coffee makers. However, matching those machines to affordability may be the biggest hurdle. As we stated earlier, choosing the best affordable drip coffee maker depends on the buyer’s budget. Don’t let that mentality box you to a corner of low-quality coffee machines.

We have listed what we have seen as best so that as you sip your cup of coffee, you will have what you deserve. So do your homework assisted by our articles, and we are sure you will never miss a coffee day.


Do cheap coffee makers work?

Yes, cheap coffee makers can still produce decent coffee. While they may not have all the advanced features or durability of more expensive models, they can still brew a satisfactory cup of coffee. It’s important to read reviews and choose a reputable brand to ensure that the cheap coffee maker you select meets your basic needs.

What is a good drip coffee maker to buy?

There are many good drip coffee makers available on the market. Some popular options include:

  1. Technivorm Moccamaster: Known for its exceptional build quality and precise temperature control, the Moccamaster is a favorite among coffee enthusiasts.
  2. Breville Precision Brewer: This versatile coffee maker offers customizable brewing options, allowing you to adjust the temperature, brew strength, and more.
  3. Bonavita BV1900TS: It’s a reliable and affordable coffee maker that consistently brews a great-tasting cup of coffee.

Ultimately, the best drip coffee maker for you depends on your specific preferences and budget.

Which is better, Mr. Coffee or Hamilton Beach?

Both Mr. Coffee and Hamilton Beach are reputable brands that offer a range of coffee makers. The better choice between the two depends on your specific needs and preferences. Both brands have models with various features and price points.

Mr. Coffee is well-known for its affordability and simplicity. It offers basic coffee makers that are easy to use and maintain. Hamilton Beach, on the other hand, offers a wider range of coffee makers with more advanced features, such as programmability and single-serve options.

To determine which brand is better for you, consider factors such as your budget, desired features, and personal preferences for coffee brewing. Reading reviews and comparing specific models from both brands can help you make an informed decision.

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