Best Battery Operated Coffee Maker for Camping

Coffee is one ingredient combined with camp life that you coffee lover also will never regret bringing along.
Best Battery Operated Coffee Maker for Camping
Best Battery Operated Coffee Maker for Camping

In a world where technological advancement is at a peak, traditional methods of brewing coffee in the wild are facing steep competition thanks to the diverse array of Best Battery Operated Coffee Maker for Camping.

Travelling and camping are close to our hearts as the experiences we gather from those trips. Travel enthusiasts like me will admit how time and energy are often at the centre of every deserving memory. 

The decision to have coffee wherever we go is intentional.  As you gaze onto the vastness of nature, a good cup of coffee is a friend you want to have. There are many different ways to brew your favourite coffee in the wild; traditional or advanced systems.

Although Battery operated coffee makers are not as common, we have taken our time to sample for you five models that will come in handy during your next camping trip. We have not included any criteria to measure the best to the least. Based on the findings, we would like you to choose what is more conducive for your practice.

At a glance:  best Battery operated coffee maker for camping.

Below is a list and breakdown of what we thought to be the best Battery operated coffee makers for camping. Enjoy the read!

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Makita DCM501Z 18V LXT/ 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Coffee Maker

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Dimensions: 7.8 x 11.18 x 10.32 inches

  • It has a long-lasting battery
  • It has a fairly decent cup of coffee
  • The Battery being bought separately
  • Not really flexible- designed

If you ever wanted an on-the-go coffee solution, The Makita DCM501Z portable coffee maker is the tool for you. Not only is it flexible, but it’s the only one that will brew a large coffee cup (5oz), as you will see from the rest we have listed here.

We have picked it for its versatility compared to many other one-time brewers for the same function. You will find that it is the only one that can brew three 5 oz cups of coffee due to its large reservoir and massive 12v lithium-ion Battery.

It can actually heat the water using the battery power; how cool is that! Many have overlooked the machine mostly because you have to buy the batteries separately than many other coffee makers, but that is not the point here.

Does it make good coffee? Yes. With ground coffee and pods options, you will also not need a paper filter for its permanent filter. This coffee maker is definitely worth your time and money.

CONQUECO Portable Espresso Maker Travel Coffee Machine

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Dimensions: 12.48 X 7.05 X 4.84 Inches

  • The lithium battery can be removed for air travel
  • Has a heating plate
  • It has a self-cleaning function
  • Cannot brew more than two cups per single charge.
  • Uses only original Nespresso and L’OR capsules

‘This is the perfect fit for those addicted to coffee, literally,’ one coffee lover exclaims. ‘A perfect mix when you are travelling or on any outdoor pursuit and would really need that jolt you get from coffee.’

You got to love the Conqueco portable espresso maker. With hot water, you will press the on button for 5 seconds, and you have your coffee. But cold water takes longer to heat, so about 8-12 minutes. It’s compatible with Nespresso capsules and L’OR capsules.

It has a 15 bar pump system with a rechargeable battery so that you don’t necessarily have to plugin. A single charge will brew three cups of coffee. Share your great moments with the Conqueco portable espresso maker.

Nowpresso NPFP18001 Espresso Machine, 9.9″, Black

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Dimensions: 9.9 x 3.2 x 3 inches

  • Can use Nespresso capsules or SealPod reusable capsules for espresso grind
  • The `15 bar pressure pump.
  • Can make three cups on a full charge.
  • Does not make scalding coffee as described.
  • Does not make a strong coffee for those who like bold.
  • Takes time to brew coffee

Some machines are practical and lightweight, like the Nowpresso. This machine will make you a consistent espresso every time. The best thing about it is the lithium battery which can operate automatically at the press of a button. It will also boil your water at any temperature to prepare your cup of coffee.

The freedom that comes with this machine is in using the espresso capsule or your own ground. I love a machine that can be flexible. Busy people will choose this model and also those who like to have their perfect espresso on the move.

The AC adapter is also an added component. And sure, this Nowpresso espresso machine does work hard. Enjoy!

Shine Kitchen Co. Auto pours SCH-150 Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine.

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Dimensions: 16.34 x 14.37 x 7.68 inches

  • A double-walled glass carafe- you will not burn your fingers
  • The premeasured scoop and lines assist in avoiding time and brew wastage.
  • Makes whole cup coffee for two
  • You will require additional equipment to make water hot
  • Does not brew a lot of coffee
  • The coffee is as warm as the temperature of the water.
  • It’s not very portable

This is not your traditional pour-over machine. It’s one of the best when it comes to the battery-operated pour-over categories. At the press of a button, it takes over the labour associated with making a cup of coffee by the pour-over method.  We have proof to back that up.

The automated system is calibrated for circular pouring backed up by perfectly measured ratios of water and coffee. All you have to do is come back later to a perfect brew. The premeasured fill lines apply ease of use when operating the equipment.

Even easier, you do not need advanced knowledge to operate this coffee maker.  In five minutes, wherever you are, you will be drinkings a cup of coffee. It is perfect for camping, as is any other on the go activity that you can undertake.

Hibrew Electric Portable 3-in-1 Multi-Function Espresso Maker

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Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 10 inches

  • It does not leak when brewing.
  • Easy to carry and operate
  • It very easy to clean
  • It has no battery power will strictly be used in the car.
  • The coffee is average hot.
  • Its made of plastic materials

This machine is not entirely Battery operated, but it uses the components of your car to make that delicious cup of coffee. They call it a 3-in 1 because it can brew from a Nespresso capsule, the dolce gusto capsule or ground coffee.

It’s the to-go coffee maker for the on-the-move coffee lover. Car charging provides two options, via the USB cable or the cigarette adapter. Use the USB cable when using hot water in the machine and the cigarette adapter when using cold water.

Under a 15-bar pressure, you are sue to get the best release out of any type of coffee. It’s portable and also easy to clean. Make sure you get the suitable model that fits your needs as it can be bought in basic, classic and premium, all of which have different additions.

How to choose your best Battery operated coffee maker for camping

While purchasing, don’t just buy because it’s there or sizeable; instead, consider some of the pointers we have listed here. They will guide you into owning the first Battery operated coffee make.

The size or portability of the coffee maker

The decision to take a brewer on your trip is a balance between need, flexibility and weight. Battery coffee makers are deemed portable, but they vary in weight.  You would not want to have excess baggage, especially if your camping involves many expeditions on foot.

In the end, convenience is what will factor while packing your bags. To have that shot of caffeine at the start or during trips is vital as a coffee lover. The smaller the coffee maker, the easier your load from cleaning to operating. You will have to choose because of the mode of transport you will use and the availability of social amenities available at your destination.

The brewing size

Each coffee-making machine is calibrated to make anything from 4 oz to 15 oz cup of coffee. The bigger the size of the coffee brew, the larger the need for a bigger Battery or frequent recharging options. Since most are small, you find that they also make relatively small brews.

In fact, it is rare to find one that makes more than two cups of coffee. Keep in mind, they are meant to be portable enough to carry around.


Some coffee makers have rechargeable lithium batteries, while others use dry cells to heat the water or the pressure bar. Batteries affect the sum total of cups you can make per single charge.

If you heat using the Battery, then the charge will not be sufficient. Use hot water in whatever machine has this option and use the battery power only to brew your favourite coffee.

The brew time

Its critical when choosing the best Battery operated coffee maker to know the time it takes to brew your coffee. Any good coffee maker will take time to be honest unless you buy the instant coffee sachets that only need hot water.

The battery-powered is no exception. It takes about 4 to 5 minutes to brew coffee with hot water added or 8 to 12 minutes for the self-heating models.

To use pods, ground coffee or both.

The machines we sample here vary the type of package for brewing it can use. Some use two methods, while others use one or three. Using pods or ground coffee is upon the person purchasing the coffee maker.

I would advise that you choose a machine that can brew more than one method of coffee. That way, you will never run out of good coffee in your adventures.

The verdict: which Battery operated coffee maker do we recommend?

There is no merit when choosing the best battery coffee maker. Choosing how to start your day is what is essential. Any of the coffee makers above will make a decent cup of coffee.

If you want coffee and durability, go for Makita DCM501Z 18V LXT/ 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Coffee Maker. It makes a large cup of coffee, and its Battery is durable.

However, the CONQUECO Portable Espresso Maker- Travel Coffee Machine will serve you well.

These two machines will turn you into a travelling barista. All you need now is to assemble your camping gear and decide where you can go.

Final thought

The world of coffee making is without limitations. Choosing the right equipment is not limited too. We tend to lean on the side where our tastes direct us. Choosing the right equipment to brew coffee while camping is no easy feat too.

Camping and taking trips can be tedious, but making a convenient cup of coffee should never be a hustle. Choose that model that best delivers on what you like for coffee. Most battery coffee makers are low maintenance; hence will not interfere with your daily routine if you are camping.

Personally, I would go for models with the rechargeable ability or those that can brew from car adapters. These are daily gadgets, and if you have options, you will never lack a cup of coffee anywhere you go.

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