Best Coffee for French Press

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Best Coffee for French Press

Also referred to as coffee plunger, press pot, or cafetiere, this is a simple brewing method that has been around for over a century that can produce great coffee. But achieving the high-quality flavor required you to have the best coffee beans.

Good coffee for French Press extraction will arouse all the senses while uplifting coffee enthusiasts in ways that other coffee makers can’t. It is, for this reason, that review 10 best coffee for French Press that you can get in the market to take your coffee brewing experience to the next level.

10 Best Coffees for French Press

Stone Street Coffee Coarsely Ground Coffee

If you are a cold press lover, then the Stone Street Coffee Coarsely Ground Coffee is your best pick. It comes packaged in a three-layer natural kraft and a foil re-sealable bag to ensure maximum quality of freshness for your coffee.

The coarsely ground coffee is 100% Arabica that is sourced from the Colombian growers. It features a sweet profile that isn’t acidic for a bold coffee taste. The coffee beans in the resealable bag are freshly ground and ready for instant use.

This dark roast coffee is not only great for French Press but also excellent with cold brew methods, cold pressing methods and can also be used in automatic drip machines. The Stone Street Coffee is artfully crafted to make delicious cold coffee that often requires special attention to the bean’s quality, grind size and roast level.

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Death Wish Organic USDA Certified Whole Bean Coffee

Death Wish Organic Whole Bean Coffee is ideally made for those who want to awaken their inner rebel. It is a unique blend of Robusta and Arabica beans in a slow roasting process. This process produces coffee with 200% more caffeine than that found in an average cup of coffee. Best of all, it doesn’t feature any additive or added caffeine added throughout when blending.

This coffee comes with a smooth and bitter-less blend that has an intense and bold flavor with delicate notes of chocolate and cherry.  The blending of premium Arabica and Robusta beans delivers the clarity and focus that comes with high-caffeine coffee without the acidity or bitter after taste.

A small batch of Death Wish Coffee is roasted to deliver you the freshest cup of coffee to kick-start your day. Small batch roasting makes sure you get the quality, consistency, and fresh taste that is unrivaled. This perfect dark roast will make you the hero you’ve wanted to be in your home or office.

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French Press Specialty Coffee Coarsely Ground

The French Press Specialty Coffee Coarsely Ground is processed from premium Arabica beans that are hand-picked from the best micro-lots in the fourth generation family farm. This family farm is known for producing a delightful and easy-drinking coffee. The medium body coffee grind is best suited for those who use French Press or Drip coffee makers.

This coarsely ground coffee starts as evenly ripe beans that are selected and washed before they are naturally dried in the strong sun then sent for roasting. After being accorded a proper city roast, they are ground to European standards. The result of this mild coffee with the medium body is the low acidity, smooth and sweet with citrus notes. It is consistent since it is never blended.

The coffee beans are medium roasted for a perfect, pleasant flavor and coarsely ground perfect for the slow brewing method of French Press. It is smooth and easy to drink and is ideally designed not to be harsh on your stomach.

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Peet’s Coffee Major Dickson’s Blend, Dark Roast

Peet’s Coffee Major Dickson’s Blend is great for French Press since it epitomizes the rich, flavorful tastes. It comes with flavor notes such as incomparable world blend, rich, complex, and full-bodied.

The Major Dickson’s Blend combines the best origin coffees from the world’s premier growing regions, with each region imparting its distinctive characteristics into a smooth and balanced cup. As such, over the years this flavorful, deeply roasted and unsurpassable blend has come to characterize the taste of Peet’s Coffee. You can brew Major Dickson’s Coffee in a French Press for a perfect cup or enjoy it in a superb espresso.

These whole coffee beans ensure that you enjoy the best flavor possible by grinding at home immediately before use. Remember to store the unused coffee in an opaque, airtight container.

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ChestBrew Whole Bean Coffee

The ChestBrew Whole Bean Coffee features quality coffee beans that are single-sourced from the best and most progressive coffee beans farmers in Vietnam. These Arabica beans can be ground for not only French Press but also for a variety of coffee applications such as cold brew, automatic drip machines or brewing tasty Vietnamese iced coffees.

These coffee beans are roasted in a high-tech roasting facility to make them 100% premium Arabica that is insanely strong and super delicious. It produces a flavor profile that is quite different from other coffee produced by other companies. Although it gives the drinker a little kick, it is not meant to be harsh on the stomach.

It is sealed in a super tough bag to keep the beans fresh for longer. Start your days with the strong aroma and taste of the ChestBrew Coffee!

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Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee Blend

If you treasure a fragrant flavor with a rich, spiced aftertaste of coffee, then don’t look further than Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee Blend. This coffee is a mix of Brazilian Arabicas with African and Indonesian Robusta coffee beans that creates a rich dark roast with an intense, fragrant aroma.

This high-quality coffee blend is designed for use with not only French Press but also with the espresso machine, drip coffee makers and Moka. Taste hints of chocolate with every full-bodied sip from your cup of this Italy’s finest coffee.

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Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

If dark roast whole coffee beans are your favorite, then the Koffee Kult Dark Roast beans could be your choice. They come fresh with no oil or stale with oil from the prolonged sitting on the shelf make them the best coffee beans for your French Press.

The dark roast beans are 100% Arabica specialty coffee that is hand-picked from the high-quality coffee beans produced in Colombia, Sumatra, and Guatemala. After being voted as the number one coffee for strong bold flavor yet smooth, you can be certain to get low acidity making it the best quality gourmet coffees.

The dark roast Koffee Kult comes with a unique and flavor notes synonymous with Cocoa, Cinnamon, Heavy Body, Smooth, and Bright with a long finish that lingers sweetly. Taste if for yourself and experience the best of French Press.

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Two Volcanoes Ground Coffee

The Two Volcanoes Ground Coffee guarantees you the greatest taste gourmet coffee that you can ever imagine to brew right from your French Press. It is organically cultivated, processed and packed in origin. Single sourced from Guatemala, these coffee beans assures you the best quality and taste.

You can experience the highest gourmet from these perfectly roasted coffee beans right at the comfort of your home with a price tag of a high-end coffee shop. It delivers a delicious flavor that is blended with fruity and wooden notes for an experience you will ever cherish from high-quality roasted coffee beans.

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Tiny Footprint Coffee

The Tiny Footprint Coffee is 100% Organic Shade-grown Arabica coffee that is perfectly crafted for French Press. It comes with flavor profiles like sweet, silky richness with subtle bright fruit and floral tones that are naturally permeated in cocoa like body.

The Tiny Footprint coffee is single-sourced from traditional growers in Ecuador where handpicking of the finest beans is done before it is crafted into unique flavor finishes regardless of your preferred brewing style.

This coffee is fashioned to be ideal for cold brew. It is roasted to precision by a vintage 1960s German-built Probat roaster which is retrofitted with computer-controlled fuel-efficient ribbon burners. Each batch is roasted for the utmost flavor and aroma.

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Bulletproof French Kick Ground Coffee Beans

Bulletproof coffee is single-sourced from the Rainforest Alliance-certified passive organic estates where growers grow it using the traditional methods. It is then hand-picked by experienced coffee harvesters right at the peak of ripeness. It is then cleaned before being roasted in small batches in the US through a meticulous process that delivers a perfect cup of pure coffee always.

It is dark roasted to be delicious blend to be smooth and sweet with a hint of smoky aroma blended with baking chocolate notes. Ingesting impurities can result in chronic health issues and that is why the proprietary Bulletproof Process optimizes every step of their coffee production. These are assorted high-quality coffee beans perfect for French Press that is chemical-free to ensure you love every cup you drink.

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Why Use a French Press?

It’s no doubt that many high-tech coffee making machines in the market are reasonably priced and convenient to use, but why use the French Press instead of getting one of the super-automatic espresso makers? Well, here are the reasons why you should consider the French Press over the other variables.

  • Straightforward Brewing

If you are looking for a simple brewing method, don’t look further than the French Press. This machine will make your brewing experience amazingly easy. You just pour hot water over the ground coffee and your favorite coffee drink will be ready within four minutes.

  • Flawless Temperature Control

Water is heated separately then poured into the French Press machine. This allows you complete control over the temperatures as you can set the ideal temperature to create the foundation for a perfect cup of coffee.

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

Generally, the French Press is super-easy to maintain as it requires you to empty the grinds after every brewing to give the carafe a regular cleaning. You can use your hands or a dishwasher. A perfect French Press won’t give you a headache when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

  • Permanent Filter

The French Press comes with a permanent filter hence greatly reduces the running cost. The environmental impact and the costs of replacing the paper filters are essential huge. So with the permanent filter, you won’t rob your coffee of the vital oils like the paper filter.

Brewing Coffee with a French Press: How Do You Brew?

There is always a way to make French Press coffee the correct way. And once you get the best way to brew French Press coffee, you can’t go wrong whenever you want to make your favorite cup of coffee.

What you need

  • French Press machine
  • Best coffee beans for French Press
  • Grinder
  • Kettle
  • Timer
  • Scale

What to do

  • Pour the hot water into the French Press and preheat it
  • Grind up the right amount of coffee beans that can deliver you roughly 5 teaspoons of coarse coffee grinds. Ensure an even grind consistent with the table salt.
  • Add the ground coffee into the French Press and shake it lightly.
  • Set your timer at four minutes. Add water that is heated to about 200 degrees to the halfway level while pouring in a circular motion.
  • Stir the grinds lightly with a wooden instrument
  • Add more hot water to fill the French Press. Cover the French Press with the lid whereas the plunger resting lightly on the ground.
  • Once the 4 minutes elapse, push the plunger down and pour your coffee to prevent the risk of over-extraction.

Wrap Up

If you have read through to this point, we believe that you have gotten some great inspiration about the best coffee for French Press. You won’t have to worry about when it comes to picking the best coffee for this kind of brewing method.

Any of the coffee we have reviewed above can deliver you the best cup of coffee you have been yearning from your French Press. Simply get the roast profile and the ground level right and you will be smiling every morning or evening as you enjoy your favorite French press coffee.


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