Best Home Coffee Roasters

If you are up to getting the ultimate home coffee experience, it is high time you think about roasting coffee beans with your very own roaster for a fresher and tastier cup of coffee.
Best Home Coffee Roasters
Best Home Coffee Roasters

The right coffee beans, the right coffee grinder and finally the perfect cup. Certainly, these things matter if you truly love coffee. However, to greatly improve your coffee brewing, you have to consider owning the Best Home Coffee Roasters to roast your own coffee beans right at the comfort of your home.

But why consider roasting your own coffee beans at home? pre-roasted beans are absolutely delicious, but even the best quality coffee beans start losing their rich flavour and aroma just after they have been roasted. 

Which coffee roaster are you planning to purchase? Well, in this review we take the guesswork out of it for you by reviewing the best home coffee roasters that you can consider purchasing and never regret. Here are the ten home coffee roasters that come with all the features you will need for a home coffee roaster.

FreshRoast SR 540

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  • Affordable
  • Small and compact to take minimal space and for portability reasons
  • Easy to use
  • Runs quietly
  • No smoke reduction system – roast near your kitchen window
  • Limited roasting chamber capacity

This is an automatic coffee bean roaster that is ideal for those who are just getting started in roasting their own coffee beans. You don’t need prior experience to operate this roaster. You will just be roasting your assorted green coffee beans to perfection in the comfort of your home. Besides, this is probably one of the most affordable coffee roasters for beginners to start with their coffee roasting expedition.

It is designed to be small and compact for easy portability within your home or to your friend’s party to share the experience of the high-quality roasts it produces. It comes with 3 temperature settings, a fan adjustment dial as well as buttons to adjust the roast time to get your favourite roast colour and flavour.

Although it comes with a pretty small roasting chamber, its roast time is limited to at most 8 minutes thus giving you an easy time to roast a few batches that are enough for your brew.

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

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  • It is eco-friendly
  • It is 100 per cent ceramic
  • Waffle-shaped inside for uniform roasting
  • It won’t roast a large number of coffee beans
  • The popping sound might be irritating to some

This is one of the best coffee bean roasters you can find in the market today. In order to produce the best flavoured and tasty roasts, you only need fire and your resiliency to move while you roast. As such, this is a manual coffee roaster that can hold up to 2.5 oz of coffee beans at a time. Since you will be roasting over an open frame, you won’t be able to roast large quantities.

This roaster is 100 per cent ceramic and its waffle-shaped internal structure ensures equal roasting and you can enjoy the popping sound owing to the open rear hole.

BeanPlus Coffee Roaster

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  • Transparent lit lets you observe as the beans roasting
  • A smoke reduction system controls the smoke produced
  • Runs quietly
  • 9 roast settings for maximum flexibility
  • Very expensive

BeanPlus Coffee Roaster is a home coffee roaster that is designed to handle vigorous use. So, if you have a larger family that is passionate about drinking coffee then this is an ideal purchase. As with most coffee roasters, this is fitted with a smoke reduction system to reduce smoke that is produced when roasting green coffee beans. As such, you can roast your coffee indoors safely.

It features a roasting chamber that holds up to 150 grams of assorted green beans. With the 9 roast settings, you have the power to choose your favourite flavour. Moreover, the transparent lid allows you to keep tabs on the roasting process. The lid is also securely locked to keep the coffee beans safe as the roast.

Fresh Roast SR800 Home Coffee Roaster

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  • Computer interface for easy operation
  • Manual roasting option available
  • Roast profiles can be saved
  • Lacks a cooling system
  • Quite difficult to clean

This coffee roaster from Fresh Roast is one of the best home coffee roasters that are designed with modern technology for ease of use by users.

As the 5th generation of the Fresh Roast, this coffee roaster allows the user to plan the entire roast plan prior. You can enter accurate points of heat, speed of a fan, length adjustment, load your quality green coffee beans and sit back and wait. Your roasting profiles can actually be saved for future reference.

KALDI WIDE size Home Coffee Roaster

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  • Roasts up to 300 grams at a time
  • Comes with a free volt adapter
  • Roasts uniformly
  • Requires gas burner
  • Tough to clean

This coffee roaster from KALDI comes with not only a decorated body but also an increased performance for a home roaster. It comes with a thermometer, Hopper, Chaff Holder, and Probe Rod for a better coffee roasting experience.

The roaster requires a gas burner in order to roast your coffee beans. Since there is a smoke reduction system, you may feel a bit uneasy roasting your coffee beans in your house. Nonetheless, you will get excellently roasted beans that can make you forget about the smoke menace. The roaster is designed to be user-friendly and can be used by beginners.

Hario Retro Coffee Roaster

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  • Features transparent heat resistant glass body
  • Elegant and functional
  • Reasonably priced
  • No manufacturer warranty
  • Long roasting time

Roasting coffee beans is an art. And this Hario Retro Coffee Roaster is one of the best tools that you will need to produce well-roasted coffee beans. It comes with heat-resistant glass for a roasting chamber thus you will be able to see to what extent your beans have roasted.

It features a roasting chamber capacity that holds up to 50 grams of green coffee beans. If you want to turn to have a cup of coffee to experience, consider this coffee roaster owing to its excellent performance.

ele ELEOPTION Updated Coffee Beans Roaster

ele eleoption coffee roaster
  • Easy to clean
  • Clear lid for easy observation during roasting
  • Produces perfect roasts
  • May have electrical problems

Most home roasters come with a limited number of beans you can roast in small amounts thus you will require to roast more times if you truly love coffee. However, this coffee takes your coffee roasting experience to the next level as it allows you to roast more than 3 pounds of coffee per batch.

It comes with a thermostat that constantly monitors and adjusts the temperature while the transparent lid allows you to watch the roasting process. You will have a downhill cleaning process with a nonstick finish in the roasting chamber.

Buyers Guide

If you are popping out to search for a home coffee roaster there are things you have to arm yourself with so that you walk back home with what you truly wanted in a home coffee roaster. Think about these things when buying a home coffee roaster.

·         Capacity

How much capacity do you actually need for your home coffee roaster? Don’t be tempted to rush into buying a probably cheaper roaster at the expense of sacrificing the capacity to shave off a few coins.  Be true to yourself on how much roasting you’ll need for your perfect cup of coffee.

·         Gas or Electric

Gas-powered coffee roasters are said to offer more control while electric roasters are easy to adjust temperature and takes longer even though you can still get exceptional roasts.

·         Material

When it comes to material go for something that has a strong build quality that will offer you years of roasting experience.

·         Automatic or Manual

An automated coffee roaster certainly makes life easier but you stand a chance to lose out a crucial element of control. Manual roasters are simple and straightforward to use since you will have the power to dial in the roast profile you prefer.


Well, if you have been in doubts about whether or not it is worth roasting your own coffee beans at home, we hope you have been inspired to try it out. The ten best home coffee roasters we have review can offer you the best experience you have been longing to get from roasting your own coffee beans. Buy any of these roasters get those green beans of your cracking under your watch!

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