Best Organic Coffee Beans

Switching to organic coffee means different things to a lot of people. But we are all here to find better.
Best Organic Coffee Beans
Best Organic Coffee Beans


When we talk about the Best Organic Coffee Beans, what are we looking for? Is it the taste? Is it that we mind the welfare of the growers, their health, or the environment as a whole?

I believe that any organic cup of coffee answers all the above questions and more.

Information is today freely given. It is up to you to make sure that people make the best choice on the coffee they want.


What is organic coffee?

Coffee is said to be organic when grown without agrochemicals like pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.  This means that the fertilizers must be 100% made using farm residue. Any synthetic chemical declasses the coffee as organic.

All types of organic farming utilize the element of time. Coffee has to be grown for at least three years without any contact with chemicals. Natural methods are put in place to prevent erosion and depletion of soil content.


Organic coffee is shade-grown as direct scorch will degrade soil and damage the plant. The natural way means providing a self-sustaining ecosystem where the animals and plants interact to form a unique environment.

Convectional coffee is reliant on intense sunlight, thus rapid growth. As production increases, so does the clearance of land. The use of chemicals is not only when growing but also during processing and packaging.

How is organic coffee different?

One element coffee lovers will attest to is, they like good coffee. Organic coffee is not always produced at a quicker pace as compared to the rate of consumption.  Many companies are not always transparent while preparing their produce.

Farmers who produce organic coffee successfully command better premiums above inorganic producers. To collect premiums also means that farmers have to undergo expensive bean production techniques; thus, the premiums go a long way to compensate them.

Note: conventional or organic methods have little or no effect on the final product’s flavour except on the brand.


Some things make organic coffee healthier.

Growth process– it’s grown without the use of agrochemicals. Most of the chemicals used have been banned from most source markets like Europe, Japan and the USA.

Benefits– both to the farmer and the consumer

We are not disqualifying conventional coffee because of pesticides; it still has its benefits, but organic coffee is rich in antioxidants.

Where does the best organic coffee come from?

Over 75% of the world’s organic coffee comes from Latin America.  Peru is singly the leading exporter of organic coffee globally, while the remaining quarter is shared between Africa and Asian countries.

Best organic coffee

Having demystified various questions about organically grown coffee, we have sampled and researched various brands of coffee. The recommendations are also the best as we can assure you that their practices are beneficial to you, the environment, and the farmer who handles your cup right from the beginning.


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Roast- Medium/ Dark

Origin: Nicaragua

Life boost coffee is produced in a protected area in Nicaragua, by the slopes of Mt Kilambe. The founder, Dr Livingstone, is a man who has gone beyond to produce an impressive coffee bean.

The beans are carefully natured to benefit both the environment and the health of the consumers. It is certified organic (USDA), shade-grown, free from mycotoxins and GMO-free. They have gone over by ensuring that you, the consumer, can track the progress up to when they are packaged.

Less than 3 %of the world’s coffee is grown in the shade. That is because it attracts less profit as it takes more me to grow. However, at Lifeboost, they know that beans grown this way are superior as they produce more natural sugars.

How are they holding up their end of the bargain? They are so confident that they guarantee a refund if you are unhappy.

The choice is made here, and you will have nothing to regret.

Kicking horse, smart ass

kicking horse

Origin: Africa, Central and South America

Roast- Medium

Put your mind to ease as, and we review one of the world’s most delicious coffee brands. Wake up and kick ass is their motto. Their attitude towards making coffee is unparalleled. They are about fun and passion.

The company promotes and supports fair trade coffee and has shifted to only purchase, brew, roast, and sell only organic coffee beans.

Kicking Horse has a variety of roasted medium coffee, but we have settled on the smart-ass variety. It comes as whole bean or ground, and it is described as a chocolaty concoction with a sweet syrup aroma. They are described as cheeky, bright and precocious.

The recommended brew methods are Pour Over, Drip, French Press and Espresso.

Don Pablo Subtle earth organic

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Roast: Medium Dark

Origin: Honduras Marcala region

This is an exceptional Honduran coffee grown using only traditional natural methods. Coffee from this region is holistically produced, producing a rich taste and better land.

What of the coffee itself? It is bold with a rich dark chocolate flavour, and notes of sweet honey, caramel and milk chocolate. Subtle earth is smooth and low-acid coffee.

It is strictly organic grown, which also means responsible for the environment and living things. It is organically certified as well as non-GMO.

Stone street coffee cold brew

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Roast: Organic dark 

Origin: South America / Indonesia

The company is located in Brooklyn, NYC, roasting since 2009. Getting it right for cold brewing is not easy, but Stone Street has roasted and ground it just properly for you to ideally get the balance. Cold brew produces a less acidic cup of coffee. For those who love a fresher cup of coffee, you will find a whole bean blend and a pre-ground version just to make it easier to confidently brew what you are comfortable with.

They are certified organic and are committed to small-batch roasting to ensure freshness and taste consistency.  Creating lasting relationships and the use of ethical practices is their model. This is done by partnering with small and family businesses around the world.

This particular brand is a thick, rich and chocolaty blend. It creates a smooth, silky and robust taste at the same time.

Tiny footprint cold press elixir (ground)

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Roast: Light and dark roasts

Origin: Various

Tiny Footprint is the first carbon-negative company in the world. If you don’t know what a negative carbon footprint is, it is simply making a cup of coffee, loving it and making a difference in the world. Their slogan is as straight-you drink coffee, we plant trees. For every pound of coffee, you will buy, they will donate to the Mindo Cloudforest region in Ecuador.

Their beans are certified organic. They source the best sustainably-grown Arabica beans from around the world. When it comes to equipment, they use the Probat Drum Roaster with modern fuel-efficient burners.

If you are not yet ready in love with Tiny Foot Print cold press elixir coffee, wait till you taste it. It is floral, fruity and coco-ish. Used for cold brew.

Equal Exchange Organic Ground Coffee, Breakfast Blend, 12-Ounce Bag

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Origin: Africa, Asia and Latin America 

Roast: medium roast.

You will be surprised by the taste and flavours that come with this blend. A creamy mouth feels with hints of chocolate brownie, roasted nuts and caramel.

If you decide this is your to-go type of coffee, be sure that you are buying the best and supporting small-scale coffee producers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

If this Equal Exchange Organic Ground Coffee has not yet made your taste buds want, you will get the hype when you try it. It is fairly traded, organic and certified kosher.

Lavazza ¡Tierra! Organic Ground Coffee Premium Blend 12 Oz. – 340g

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Origin: Central and South America

Roast: Light Roast ground

ir?t=coffeeroas033 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07YM1DL88Lavazza ¡Tierra! Organic is a blend of premium Arabica beans, creating a full-bodied aromatic roast with floral and fruity notes. The blend is expertly roasted and ground for the perfect coffee all the time. If you happen to buy this coffee, you will be empowering social and economic and environmental levels that enforce a 100 % sustainable supply chain. Thus small-scale producers in the significantly disadvantaged community are greatly assisted.

Lavazza ground is certified by USDA Organic, Canada Organic, UZ and Euro Green Leaf Organic.

Best used with a French press or the filter coffee machine.

This is the best-tasting organic coffee ever! I have experienced many organic coffees in my lifetime, and this coffee is definitely the best-tasting blend yet! I usually like light-roasted coffee blends, and this one is medium-roasted, so I took a chance and purchased it

– coffee lover.

Volcanica coffee

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Roast: All roasts available

Origin: Various single origins and blends are available

Volcanica coffee has a vast range of single origins and blends. Their flavour profile is also diverse and differentiable as their beans are sought by location.  Every bag of coffee is roasted in order to maintain freshness and to bring great-tasting coffee.

Offering premium coffee also comes with a high standard guarantee of quality, something this value-based company understands. Thus, their coffee is organically produced and processed. Their decaffeinated coffee is also a healthier choice for its use of the Swiss Water Method process.


Organic Vs. Inorganic Coffee

There is a race today for companies to produce healthier foods. The coffee industry has not been left behind either. This article will look at what exactly makes coffee beans inorganic or organic and what we need to consider while choosing the organic route.

What is Convectional Coffee?

This makes coffee one of the most chemically infused plants globally, with over 200 pesticides used during the growth process.

Bushes are cleared to create fields for plantations. This, in turn, opens the process of the use of agrochemicals from preparation to planting and maturity. The use of large amounts of chemicals affects the product we are served in the end and the farmer as well.

Every stage of growth here is chemically induced, including watering. The host communities are also not left out in the consumption of chemical residues through air and water.

What can be done?

The organic market has today evolved as a result of demand from a more enlightened customer. It is imperative to know how your cup of coffee is grown. Buying certified organic also maintains organic coffee integrity.

Final thoughts

In many cases, organic stops when the processor certification has gone through, as you have or may come to find out. Many will carry labels for sale. The question arises of how you know the beans you are buying were produced ethically.

We cannot promise that reading about our best choices inversely equals the best cup of coffee. Do your research too. We have given you a kick starter in the organic coffee direction, but it doesn’t stop there. A bag of beans will not automatically tell what they are doing but look at what the company is doing in other areas. How they relate to farmers and who they buy from.