Best Single Serve Coffee Makers and Pot

A coffee maker with a pot covers the time taken while brewing for many.
best single serve coffee maker and pot
best single serve coffee maker and pot

Often, we are all faced at some point by the fact that we want more options for brewing coffee or wished we had varieties. Especially when visitors knock at your door or simply because our household has increased. Single-serve eliminates waste as they are personalized. 

It never a dull moment while choosing to go for a coffee maker with options. Many brands promise the best at one-sided coffee making. Still, here we demystify why having one that can multitask is far much better.

At a glance: Our best Single Serve Coffee Makers and Pot

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Choosing the right single coffee maker and pot

Having the correct model for your coffee needs should be a little tasking to escape avoidable mistakes. Why and where you want are questions that basically should not escape your view. The purpose is another answer you need to address.

It could be you have recently acquired a new taste or want to experiment with other types of coffee-making ideas. Or you want to cut down spending on different pieces of equipment for your coffee needs.

With this kind of question in your mind, there will be several features to look out for while hunting for the best single-serve coffee maker and pot.

What to brew

Brewing relies on how you like your coffee to taste. Choosing a machine that can serve singly with an option for pot means you will have an array of brew methods to choose from. Some need ground coffee while need k- cups.

Using ground coffee is more recommendable for a fresh cup of coffee than capsules as they mostly contain stale coffee.

The type you of single-serve with pot brewer you are ok with

Some will brew speciality teas and coffee. Some have espressos and others a carafe. It is different for every machine. Determine what you like with how you like to adjust your brew, then get that single-serve with pot.

How much is bulky

Be sure to check on the dimensions before buying one as space for your machine is very important. Your countertop is essential, so choose according to how much space you are willing to lose or occupy.

Now that you know how you choose, below we have listed a list of some of the best single serve and pot. we hope it will help you to make the right purchase. Enjoy making your cup of coffee…

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker, 49976

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  • Separate water reservoirs for ground and k cup brewing
  • It brews scalding coffee
  • Different carafe options
  • Different brew strengths
  • Easy to clean
  • It a bit noisy
  • Does not have a thermal carafe
  • It can only brew one side at a time.

This is the best multipurpose single-serve use item in the market today. This brewer has on one side a 12-cup pot if you need more than one cup and uses fresh grounds and k-cups on the other side if you only need a single brew. And not to mention for the pocket-friendly price, it surely packs a lot.

The best thing about this brewer is its 3 Way To Brew System. One with the 12 cups carafe, and, or use of the dual purpose to brew a pod or ground coffee simultaneously, which it handles with ease.

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew will allow you to a 24-hour advance programming and a pause-serve feature even when the coffee brews. The programming ensures that you can control how strong your brew can be.

Keurig k duo plus coffee maker

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  • It is aesthetically pleasing
  • Adjustable water reservoir
  • Drink hot for more extended periods.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Heats up very fast
  • Not fully programmable
  • Not pocket friendly
  • The pause and brew is not automatic

You will find that Keurig mainly specializes in single-serve machines. But that has not stopped them from venturing into the dual coffee makers market. Keurig k duo plus coffee maker comes with a 12 cup thermal carafe and a golden reusable mesh for your grounded coffee.

You can brew both a cup or a carafe using either ground or k cup pods for a mild to strong cup of coffee. It has an adaptable 60 oz water reservoir meaning that it can be positioned right, back or left of the coffee maker, otherwise occupying the least countertop.

It has been programmed to auto brew carafe up to 24 hours in advance. You can also pause and pour mid-brew for twenty seconds for a cup of the carafe to be poured. I promise if Keurig is your type of vibe, you certainly won’t go wrong with this one. Enjoy brewing!

Cuisinart SS-20P1 Coffee Center 10-Cup Thermal Single-Serve Brewer Coffeemaker

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  • It is one of the most flexible machines while switching between k-cups and full pot.
  • Easy cleaning
  • The water reservoir has a small opening making it messy while refilling
  • It is a little messy while using a shorter mug in the k-cup dispenser.

Cuisinart SS-20P1 Coffee Center is two-sided, the single-serve and the carafe, which serves 10 cups. Being two-sided; give you the flexibility of brewing coffee using different strengths.

This model is fully automatic and programmable with 24-hour advanced brewing, brew-strength control and self-cleaning ability. The single side has a charcoal filter, while the carafe has a gold-tone coffee filter. On the plus side, to get a single cup before the brewing is done is no hassle as it has a brew pause enabled.

The Cuisinart ss-20 has two editions which you can choose from. One has a thermal carafe designed to produce 10 cups and the glass carafe, which produces 12 cups of coffee.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

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  • Removable water reservoir
  • Choice of glass or thermal carafe
  • Milk frother for basic foams on cappuccinos
  • SCA certified
  • It’s very flexible based on options of brews
  • The reservoir is hard to fill
  • This machine is not compatible with k-cup

If you choose to go for the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, one thing is for sure, you will never run out of choices on what to brew. Everyone gets their taste preference starting from a single cup, iced coffee, carafe, tea, or a frothy cappuccino. Made to impress, this brewer has smart basket recognition that automatically recognizes what you are about to brew or coffee. The baskets also help to brew coffee or bagged tea to keep the flavours separate.

Ninja brewer has six different brewing sizes, clearly labelled, ranging from a single cup to travel cup size or half and full carafe. It also features well-labelled five different brew styles so as to choose your strength (classic, rich, over ice, cold brew or speciality)

The water reservoir is easy to remove and refill, and the ten cup thermal carafe keeps your coffee or tea hot for two hours. To top it all, the brewer comes with a coffee scoop and a recipe guide. If you want to attain all-around excellence and uniformity in brewing, this is the best.

The de’longhi BCO 430 BM

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  • Two water tanks on either side- either unit can operate separately or simultaneously.
  • Brews drip coffee and espresso simultaneously
  • Modern polished look- aesthetically pleasing
  • Has no integrated grinder
  • It has no telescoping coffee spigot- an important feature when you have varying cup sizes.
  • Espresso tamper is plastic- suitable for a newbie as opposed to an advanced brewer.

This is one machine that does it all. It also means that it is a little different from the rest, and this is what we mean by that. Enjoy making cappuccino, espresso and coffee making. Suitable for anyone interested in speciality coffee.

It has a 10-cup drip carafe on one side and a 15-bar pump for the espresso side. The water and coffee reservoir is easily accessible and removable at the front. It has a Flavor Savor Brew System meaning that it expertly extracts flavours and aromas for a rich taste.

This is for people who want to brew espresso without necessarily having to invest entirely in an espresso machine. It is pretty impressive for a dual brewer, but you will not get the most at this price, a very spectacular espresso or a drip machine. That’s on the lop side but definitely give it a try!

Buying guide- What to look for when buying single-serve coffee makers with pot

The type of coffee you want

All single-serve coffee machines with pots have brewing options offered. The reasons why you are looking for one with pot options are directly proportional to why you want one in the first place. This machine has to offer what you desire, or otherwise, it will disappoint you.

Having more options may mean two brew styles for one or having speciality drinks on one with an option to brew for many. This option will have to be done within your budget.

Which is better- Glass or thermal carafe?

The reason for these two options is solely based on the time and number of cups that you will have after making your coffee. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee warmer for some hours but holds less coffee though. The glass carafe only remains heated over a warming plate but generally have a greater holding capacity.

Coffee is best when drunk hot and fresh. The glass carafe may remain warmer for longer, but it affects the quality of coffee in the end. Choose your coffee companion here based on the amount of time taken to consume the entire pot simply out of freshness you like.

Size of the coffee machine

Most of the machines we have organized here need a bit of room in the kitchen or where you like them situated.  As stylish as they may be, you need to work out the area they will assume as we would not like them to interfere with your kitchen space.

The brewing strength

Based on why you would like a single-serve machine with a pot, most of the coffee machines we have listed here have additional features to assist in making the right choice of brew. They are also better when you want to have different tastes, from mild to solid brews.


At the end of the day, it’s about how much you’re willing to spend on making your favourite cup of coffee. Be deliberate in researching what you are looking to buy since after you pay, you will know if it’s a hit or miss.

The verdict

All machines are impressive in their own right. A coffee machine that can handle two or more brew types is the future of making coffee—everybody like flexibility.

We found the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker, 49976, to be the most impressive among them. It utilizes a three-way brew system to brew 12 cups with ground coffee on the carafe, and the single-serving can brew pods, K-cup or ground coffee.

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System come in handy when the single side also has coffee and tea options. It’s always good to have options, and this machine spoils you, period. Brew sizes and brew styles combined with intelligent systems, I mean, need I say more.


The ultimate winner above all is that machine that answers your need for coffee. Having that machine is that will brew what you desire most is what makes it beautiful.

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Which pot is the best?

There are three different types of carafe- glass, plastic and thermal. A thermal carafe will keep your coffee warmer for longer. They will not break although they hold smaller volumes. Glass carafes may look stylish but should be handled with care lest they get broken. As for the plastic ones, avoid them.  They are not sustainable and have short life spans.

Can I use the single side while I’m brewing the pot?

Most of the machines we have reviewed have this alternative. You can brew for an entire household or just for one. And this is where it gets interesting. They are programmed so that you can even interrupt while brewing on the carafe for a single cup.
Some allow that you make a speciality cup while still brewing a whole pot. This is actually very important when choosing to buy. That’s why we advise you to be deliberate in listing what you want in a machine.

Are there single serve with pot coffee makers with grinders

Yes, there are single-serve with grinders, but no trustworthy dual coffee makers have built-in grinders. If you like coffee as fresh as it can be, you will have to go the extra mile by getting a grinder.

Can I get a programmable machine?

Thanks to technology, the machines we have featured here are programmable to suit your desires. Some with 24-hour advance programs for brewing, while others have auto shut off features that will save you power bill trouble