French Press vs Drip

Both of these products are great in different aspects. The difference only lies in what kind of coffee taste you want and what your lifestyle is.
French Press vs Drip
French Press vs Drip

Coffee enthusiasts have always been entangled in a fierce debate about which between the French Press and Drip Coffee Maker is the best when it comes to making the best cup of coffee. Although it all trickles down to preferences, having a clue why the debate has remained endless will enable you to know on which side of the fence you sit as well as help you make an informed choice on the best coffee maker for you.

French Press Vs Drip Coffee Maker Comparison

Variety of Brews

Both the French Press and the Drip are well-suited to any kind of coffee that you may want to brew. However, what brings the difference is the consistency of the grind you prefer on each of them. For the French Press, a coarse grind is the most preferred while the Drip is ideally designed for a finer grind.

Regardless of this, most coffee enthusiasts prefer to grind their coffee beans in the comfort of their homes as opposed to using pre-ground varieties. As such, they have higher control over the grinding process while it enables you to use both the Drip machine and the French Press interchangeably – depending on what you prefer on a given day!

It is difficult to settle on a particular product based on the variety of brews as both of these allow you to brew your favourite variety of coffee. Therefore, whichever you pick, you can be sure to enjoy your cup of coffee to the fullest.

Brewing Speed

The brewing speed of these two coffee makers will depend on the time you have at hand. On average, it should take you from 4 to 7 minutes to brew your favourite cup of coffee using a French Press while the Drip Coffee Maker will take you from 4 to 10 minutes to get your cup of coffee.

Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that the French Press will require you to boil the water first on a stove and this will eat some of your time and effort as well. On the other hand, some coffee lovers prefer the set it and forget it nature of the Drip Coffee Maker even though it is a bit slower on average.

Overall, the French Press will deliver you a cup of coffee faster than the Drip especially if you are to consider its affordable price.

Capacity and Sustainability

When it comes to capacity, both the French Press and the Drip tend to come in a variety of sizes even though they tend to curb it at 10 cups per brew. So depending on the capacity you are looking for in a coffee maker, you will find one in either product.

Having said that, which of the two products can sustain the hotness of your coffee the longest? In this aspect, the Drip Coffee Maker has a clear advantage over the French Press. The Drip comes with a hot plate at its base which allows it to keep the coffee a bit warmer for much longer than the French Press. However, bear in mind that the longer your coffee sits in there after brewing is done the more the taste deteriorates.

Necessary Brewing Skills

When using the French Press, you will require some brewing skills as it requires you to determine the brewing time, water temperature the consistency of your grind, and plunge rate. However, the Drip Coffee Maker only requires you to put water and your ground beans and switch it on. If you don’t have prerequisite brewing skills, you might find it difficult to make a perfect cup of coffee when using the French Press. Beginners may find it hard to brew the cup of coffee that they will truly enjoy in the first few days.

So, if you want to have higher control over what you brew, the French Press could be your best pick, but if you prefer simplicity, the Drip could be your number one.

Coffee Taste

This is ultimately the most important factor. Getting the best coffee taste every time you brew your coffee is the most fulfilling experience as you kick start your day or cool down after a long day at work. The coffee taste is however more subjective and personal. While some people consider bold and exciting flavours for the best cup of coffee, others consider light and more direct cup of coffee. So the question is which are you?

You will have more control over the kind of coffee taste you will get by taking full control of the brewing process with the French Press. Besides, most coffee lovers who have used the French Press contend that the coffee brewed with the French Press is fuller and richer because it preserves much of the natural oils found in the coffee beans. On the other hand, the Drip Coffee Maker delivers a little ‘weak’ taste as it tends to filter out the natural oils found in coffee beans.

When it is about coffee taste, it is your opinion that counts. If you prefer a lighter coffee taste and you want it stress-free, then the Drip machine is ideal for you. But if you want to explore exclusive coffee tastes, smells, and experiences, then the French Press will certainly come in handy.

Summary of Verdicts

French Press

  • Allows more control over the brewing
  • Lower initial cost
bayka french press

Drip Coffee Maker

  • Keeps coffee warmer for longer
  • Convenient for most coffee enthusiasts
cafe specialty drip coffee maker

Which one is Better?

Getting a clear winner in this comparison is difficult as both products come with almost even after weighing the pros and cons of each. The one that will work best for you will be determined by how much time you have to brew your coffee, the effort you intend to dedicate to your coffee brewing experiences and the ultimate coffee taste you will want to enjoy.

Both of these products are great in different aspects. The difference only lies in what kind of coffee taste you want and what your lifestyle is.