FreshRoast SR540 Coffee Roaster

FreshRoast SR540 Coffee Roaster is the perfect product that will bring out the coffee enthusiast in you. 
FreshRoast SR540 Coffee Roaster
fresh roast sr-540 coffee roaster

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful home coffee bean roaster that will perfectly roast your green coffee beans without a hassle, FreshRoast SR540 Coffee Roaster is the perfect product that will bring out the coffee enthusiast in you. 

Most coffee enthusiasts know how great a coffee roaster brings out an excellent coffee flavour. In fact, perfectly roasted coffee beans can be differentiated just by the aroma it has. So, when you roast your own coffee beans can help you get the perfect taste and depth you will wish to have in your coffee.

In this post, we delve into the features, pros, and cons of the Fresh Roast SR540. Let’s see what FreshRoast SR540 has to offer.

Transparent Roasting Chamber

If you haven’t had an experience roasting coffee beans in the comfort of your home, it can be hard to understand the exact process the beans go through. However, you don’t have to worry anymore since this coffee roaster has a transparent roasting chamber that allows you to see how the beans are roasting. You don’t have to keep guessing whether or not the coffee has perfectly roasted as you will be observing how they crack and change colour.

Small and Compact Size

This coffee roaster is designed to be compact in size. So it fits even the small corner of your kitchen, and you don’t have to displace other things on your kitchen countertop. Besides, it looks stylish with its size, unlike those other large coffee roasters you can find in the market. Moreover, it is portable and you can move it within your home environment with ease.

Simple Controls

This roaster comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface that features temperature, fan and time controllers. The temperature control allows you to set the right temperature for roasting your coffee bean – low, medium or high temperatures. The temperature control also goes to the cool mode when you need to cool your beans.

The fan speed can be adjusted to ensure the coffee beans are moving around in the roasting chamber. The fan also makes sure that the beans are not broken into pieces when roasting.

The time setter allows you to set the required time for roasting your green beans.

The easy controls in FreshRoast SR540 allow even the novice to control the roasting process without any experience just like any barista.

Noiseless Roasting

The FreshRoast SR540 runs quietly unlike most coffee roasters you can find in the market today. It does not make much noise while you are roasting your coffee beans. So you can easily determine the cracks in your coffee. Moreover, the noiseless operation is great for the home environment as you don’t want much noise for better results.


Owing to its compact size, FreshRoast SR540 can only hold up to 90 grams of green coffee beans which is a bit low if you desire to roast more. However, for home use, 90 grams is just sufficient.


The FreshRoast SR540 comes at quite a nominal price that is not really very costly. Nonetheless, for a beginner, it might be a bit expensive. However, the price is justified for a home coffee roast with such decent functionalities.

fresh roast sr540
  • It is compact in size hence fits even in the tight kitchen tops or corner
  • Runs quiet so you can determine the crack of your green coffee beans
  • Features transparent roasting chamber so that you can observe as the roasting process in action
  • Simple controls for easy to understand and use even with beginners
  • Relatively reasonable price compared to premium coffee roasters
  • It is durable as it is built by hardened plastic
  • Comes with adjustable time and temperature for convenient roasting
  • Roast relatively slow
  • It comes with a weak fan, so you may need to stir the coffee beans for even roasting

Roast all Kinds of Coffee

With this coffee roaster, you can be sure to roast any type of green coffee. It doesn’t matter where your coffee is grown, lowlands, highlands or volcanic soils you will just get the perfect results you want with this roaster. Are you are an espresso lover? This roaster can roast espresso without a hassle. Light and dense coffee beans will also be roasted to deliver flawless results.

Easy to Clean

Some coffee roaster models are a pain when it comes to cleaning but FreshRoast SR540 offers you a simple time to clean. Most parts of this coffee roaster are dishwasher safer. Some of these parts include a cap, chamber, and chaff base. Hand washing these components will prolong their life.


These tips will help you use this product to get the best possible results:

  • Don’t leave the coffee roaster alone while roasting.
  • Set the fan a high speed and a low temperature to slow down the roasting to deliver an even roast
  • When moving the roaster, remove the top chamber before moving them separately because the top is tippy.
  • A little oil may form in the chaff collector so make sure you frequently clean it so the visibility remains intact. Otherwise, it may start a fire!

Our Verdict on FreshRoast SR540 Coffee Roaster

FreshRoast SR540 is an ideal home coffee roaster that comes with excellent functional features that make roasting perfect. For instance, it runs quietly hence you can roast your coffee in peace. The transparent roasting chamber allows you to determine how the roasting progresses. Even though it comes with a weak fan, you can compensate for its function by stirring the beans with a wooden stick to achieve an even roasting. These features make the FreshRoast SR540 Coffee Roast an indispensable coffee machine for those who desire to enjoy fresh coffee right in the comfort of their homes.

So if you want the best home coffee roaster companion for roasting your treasured green coffee beans for a quality cup of coffee, FreshRoast SR540 won’t fail you. Get one and you will enjoy roasting your coffee.

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