Hottop Coffee Roaster

Hottop coffee roaster
Hottop coffee roaster
  • Flexible courtesy of the USB connection and its ability to make an unlimited number of highly detailed roasting profiles
  • Large capacity that is more than enough for most home users – it is even sufficient for some business use such as breakfasts in some busy office environments.
  • It is easy to use as it comes with the least technical know-how, but you have to pay more attention and be present during the entire roasting process.
  • It produces high-quality coffee beans as it roasts consistently and evenly. My roasts have been fantastic.
  • It produces a ton of smoke: This roaster can cause a disaster in your kitchen to the extent of setting off the smoke alarm. For this reason, most users prefer taking it to the garage or in an open place when roasting.
  • It features a low-quality build hence won’t be as durable as its competitors.
  • It features a poor chaff management system hence you will have to do some cleaning after every roast.
  • The roasting process of this roaster can be as complex as you may want it to be and the manual guide makes it even more complicated.
  • The cost is way above other home roasters

Hottop Coffee Roaster

Are you looking for a coffee bean roaster that is powerful enough to roast your high-quality coffee beans in large quality? If your answer is yes, you are going to be really intrigued by what we are going to say about Hottop Coffee Roaster.

Hottop Coffee Roaster is one of the most talked-about when it comes to home coffee beans roaster for quite some time until the I-Roaster came to be recent. Certainly, Hottop Coffee Roaster is a unique coffee beans roaster that is not only fitted with high-end features but also comes at a very expensive price. Let’s have a closer look at its features, pros, and cons so as to paint a clear picture of what Hottop Coffee Roaster looks like.


·         USB Port

The Hottop Coffee Roaster offer much in terms of elegant features, but the USB port is the single most attractive feature that allows users to easily connect the coffee roaster to a laptop in order to create detailed custom coffee roasting profiles. It is even better with the software options that are available for this coffee roaster.

If you are a newbie in coffee bean roasting, you don’t have to worry about where to start with this machine. The software will get you up to speed in no time. Once you gain some experience roasting coffee bean with the profiles you create, you will absolutely do some amazing things with this roaster. The roster’s interface will still give you full control of your coffee roasting even when you don’t have a laptop with you.

·         Capacity

The Hottop Coffee Roster features a larger roasting chamber capacity that is enough to hold ½ pounds of beans at a time. This capacity is good enough especially when you compare it with many coffee roasters that are designed for home use. Besides, this capacity absolutely meets the needs of diehard coffee drinkers as well as those who want to expand their roasting adventures to supplying roasted coffee beans to their family and friends.

·         Controls and Presets

Even though this coffee beans roaster doesn’t come with inbuilt presets, it comes with a USB connection as well as options to create an infinite number of custom roasting profiles through the software giving you unlimited coffee roasting potential.

·         Smoke Suppression Technology

Although the Hottop Coffee Roaster comes with smoke suppression technology, it falls a bit short as it tends to produce a ton of smoke during roasting. Fortunately, the manufacturer has some advice for you if you intend to use it in your kitchen. At the minimum, you are going to open your kitchen windows and turn your fan on high to eliminate the smoke that is going to build up. Be sure to switch off your kitchen smoke detectors but remember to switch it on after you are done roasting your coffee beans.

·         Chaff Management

If you are planning to carry this high-end coffee roaster home, plan to be having a significant amount of cleanup as well. This is because the chaff produced often misses the chaff collection tray and they frequently wind into your bean collection bowl as you empty the roasted beans. You’ll certainly require sifting more chaff from your beans before grinding them. Even though the roasting is excellent and very consistent, you will just have to put up with more cleanup compared to when using other models available in the market.

·         Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of the Hottop Coffee Roaster are relatively easy due to the transparency of much of the roasting chamber. It requires a thorough by gentle cleaning with a non-abrasive cleaner after every fifth roast. However, this will depend on how dark you prefer your coffee beans to roast. So, the dark the roast, the more often you’ll clean the unit. But since it is easy to detach the guard rails to access the sections that require cleaning, it doesn’t take as much time.

The Hottop Coffee Roaster comes with fantastic features as well as substandard ones that leave you at crossroads.  However, it depends on precisely what you want in a roaster. If the pros of this model are closely aligned to your primary needs, you’ll certainly settle for this model. But if its drawbacks are important to you, you are going to look for a different option to accommodate your needs.


Having stayed with a Hottop for about 10 months now, we can only say that it is absolutely a high-grade coffee bean roaster. Overall, we loved this coffee bean roaster because its exclusive features are very much in order with what we need in a home coffee roaster. Its weaknesses, though annoying, we can easily overlook them.

If you have some cash to spare for a home roaster, this is the model to buy. We can guarantee that you won’t regret buying this outstanding Hottop Coffee Roaster!

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