How To make a flat white coffee

The flat white is an excellent choice for lovers of coffee with milk but do not fancy the additional foam with steamed milk.
How To make a flat white Coffee

Follow the best guide on How To make a flat white Coffee. What is a flat white coffee? The flat white is velvety in texture and can be considered a happy accident or someone who stumbled on the proper coffee-to-milk ratio.

A flat white is an espresso coffee drink that consists of rich, robust espresso with a layer of frothy microfoam from steamed milk. It’s a more small coffee drink, and although some like to compare it to a latte or cappuccino, it has a fair amount of milk, and a tiny amount of foam, technically microfoam. We can call it a little coffee, but don’t discount it.

Due to the drink’s construction, Many coffee lovers appreciate flat white because it has a higher proportion of coffee than milk, and whatever milk there is, there is a light and pleasant consistency.

Flat white has roots originating from Australia and New Zealand. Coffee addicts in Australia often claim ownership of the creation of Flat White, the original mid-80s beverage. Critics of various cafés in magazines and newspapers in the early 1980s discussed the appearance of the new beverage.

What Makes a Flat White Extra Special?

There is something warm and comfortable in this classical coffee drink. It gives you a case of warm fuzziness and makes you nostalgic for the past all at once.

If this is what you’re looking for in a coffee beverage, then flat-white is your answer. It’s a Starbucks classic, and it’s made up of only two key ingredients. But don’t let the two ingredients for you. It packs a punch.

How It Is Served

Espresso cream is naturally mixed in the 20mm/1 inch microfoam, often referred to as a meniscus. The key feature that makes the flat white so pleasant is the blend of espresso with micro-foam. It gives a dark brown caramel colour to the surface of the beverage.

How To make a flat white coffee

If you go to your local café, your barista will already know how to prepare a white plate for you.

While this looks easy enough when you go to your local café, your experience barista will give you the perfect flat white. What if you want to make the flat white from the comfort of your home? You will need the following to prepare yourself for the perfect flat white.

  • Espresso machine
  • Milk frother (if you have no milk frother on your espresso machine)
  • A pint of milk or another mug of your choice.
  • An espresso grinder (unless you are already receiving ground espresso)
  • Any milk you like.
  • A 6oz mug for preparing your coffee.

The key to flat white is the consistency of milk. You need frothy milk to pour over the piping-hot espresso.


Now that you have put together all your ingredients, we can start stirring! Here’s a quick step-by-step method to get you sipping your flat white in no time.


If you don’t already have any ground coffee, you will need to grind your whole coffee beans. Then, pour approximately 4 ounces of milk into the steamer.


Now you can grind your coffee straight into your port filter and start the brewing process.

Tip: For you to keep your mug warm so your coffee can stay warm longer, rinse it off with hot water before brewing. The hot water will give your mug a good rinse, as well as provide a hot surface to preserve the warmth of espresso better.


As your espresso slowly pours into your cup, you can start to froth your milk. Use a steamer or other mug of your choice, and you can start cooking your 4oz of milk. Steam your milk in an up-and-down circular motion.


After brewing your espresso, you can pour your steamed milk into your mug. Be sure to pour your milk slowly to help create a pleasant mixture between the coffee surface level and the microfoam in the milk. Once you’ve filled your mug, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your delicious white dish!

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The flat white is an excellent choice for lovers of coffee with milk but does not fancy the additional foam with steamed milk. However, if you’re looking for a new comforting drink to enjoy in the morning to start your day, flat white could quickly become your new favourite.

Enjoy your caffeinated drink!