Nesco Coffee Roaster


If you are searching for a specific coffee machine that delivers a powerful punch when it comes to roasting coffee beans, you are in luck. Coffee enthusiasts across the world rely on Nesco Coffee Roaster for their coffee roasting needs.

This is because not only comes with exclusive features that are only found in high-end coffee roasters but comes at an amazingly affordable price. What more could you possibly ask for such a high-grade coffee roaster? Without much ado, let’s see what Nesco Coffee Roaster has to offer.


·         Design

Nesco Coffee Roaster features a design that adheres to laboratory standards of material. Its body includes a glass chamber that allows you to observe what goes on as your coffee beans roast. With the glass chamber, you can forget about frequent guesswork to determine whether your coffee beans are thoroughly roasted or not.

Its compact design makes the use of this coffee bean roaster totally efficient. You don’t have to hassle for extra space in your kitchen to accommodate this brilliant coffee roaster that will improve your cup of coffee each day. Most coffee enthusiasts attest that Nesco Coffee Roaster is super simple and straightforward to use as it needs less attention compared to other coffee roasters.

·         Catalytic Technology

Owing to the brilliant catalytic technology that is exclusive to Nesco Coffee Roaster, you can easily handle other tasks in your kitchen as your coffee beans roast. The patented catalytic converter is also important as it reduces smoke and most of the odour that is associated with roasting coffee beans.

If you are still not convinced why the catalytic technology is crucial in this coffee roaster, wait till you hear how coffee lovers praise the favour that comes from coffee beans roasted by this roaster. Most customers have pointed out in the review section that the flavour profile from this product is sweeter and rounder compared to other competing Coffee Bean Roasters that don’t have this patented technology. So if you love a sweeter flavour from your high-quality coffee beans, Nesco Coffee Roaster is your ideal pick.

If you are an espresso lover, you should also take advantage of this advanced coffee roasting technology since it is said to produce top-grade espressos. Fortunately, this technology is only seen on Nesco Coffee Roaster!

·         Roaster Chamber

The roaster chamber of Nesco Coffee Roaster features a glass material and can hold up to 5 oz of green coffee beans. Besides, it is fitted with a unique auger drive mechanism which plays a great role in mixing the coffee beans to roast evenly.

·         Digital Roasting Settings

Another advanced feature that comes with this Coffee beans roaster is the preloaded digital lasting settings. Undoubtedly, other coffee bean roasters come with digital setting features, however, this Nesco Coffee Roaster’s settings go an extra step as it limits your interaction with the roaster.

A simple push of a button is enough for the coffee beans you place in the Nesco glass jar to roast into perfection. However, other roasters will require you to adjust the temperature and time controls in order to produce a perfect roast on your coffee beans.

·         Screen

Nesco Coffee Roaster features a stainless steel screen that fits in the front seal to prevent the fine chaff particles from entering the Catalytic Converter. The front seal is responsible for keeping smoke and odour inside the machine. The rear seal, on the other hand, prevents odour and smoke from leaking out at the Catalytic Converter. Make sure that the screen is cleaned before and after every use in order to ensure the proper and safe operation of your roaster.

·         Cover

The cover directs the smoke and odour from the roasting chamber to the Catalytic Converter where it is eliminated. The cover is conveniently hinged to the roaster base where it efficiently activates the Safety Cutoff Switch whenever the Cover is latched.

·         Safety Cutoff Switch

The Safety Cutoff Switch only allows the roaster to operate only when the Cover is properly latched. It also turns off the roaster in case the Cover is opened by accident during a roast cycle.

Based on customer reviews, Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster is perhaps one of the most stylish and powerful coffee bean roasters you can get on the market today that operates just as smooth and elegantly as it appears.

Its smooth operation is delivered by the massive roasting drill that is fitted at the centre of the roasting chamber. Since the chamber is completely sealed, you won’t hear any noise during operation. This is definitely an addition to the overall classiness of how it functions.

Most of the customers who have used Nesco Coffee Roaster recommend the need to follow the instructions of operation provided in the manual because any wrong move can result in the breakdown of the roaster.

Pros & Cons

  • It is safe to use as it comes with a Safety Cutoff Switch
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It comes with advanced Catalytic Technology for effective roasting of coffee beans
  • Easy to use with digital settings
  • It is durable as it features a high-grade durable build
  • Faster roasting of coffee beans with as low as 20 minutes time span
  • It emits low amounts of smoke
  • No temperature adjustments
  • Replacement parts are not readily available


Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster is a perfect addition to your kitchen if you have been thinking to buy a coffee roaster to broaden your coffee brewing skills to rival those of a barista. We highly recommend you to buy Nesco Coffee Roaster. It is a worthy investment that you won’t regret!

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