What is Thai Iced Coffee

Thai iced coffee is made from a straightforward recipe yet turns out to be so flavorful and refreshing.
What is Thai Iced Coffee

What is Thai Iced Coffee? Let’s demystify the myths. Thai iced coffee is made from a straightforward recipe yet turns out to be so flavorful and refreshing. Different people have diverse preferences for Thai iced coffee, which explains why it comes in alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions without interfering with the flavour. There is no better way to wake up if not with this creamy and delicious iced coffee!

What is Iced Coffee?

Iced coffee has become popular nowadays, especially among young adults who make the 38 % of the consumers across the globe. These young adults who grew up taking sodas would want to have a similar experience with coffee. Also, coffee is a better energy booster as compared to other drinks. Consequently, you will find iced coffee anywhere, at any time due to its ready market. So, what is Iced coffee?

Iced coffee is simply the cold form of your usual favourite coffee. However, you need to know that this is not coffee that you leave to cool. Instead, like regular coffee, a mixture of coffee and hot expresso, you add ice to the ready coffee.

Iced coffee is different from your regular coffee in so many different ways. First, you brew iced coffee with less milk hence not foamy. Then, whenever the iced coffee is milkier, you can add more espresso to retain the taste of the iced coffee.

Different iced coffees are made using different methods and recipes, thus flavours. Thai iced coffee stands out from most of them. Let us have a look at this coffee in detail.

What is Thai Iced Coffee Made of?

We are sure you would want a taste of uniquely made iced coffee. Often, we want a change of morning routine or crave something different. So, why not go for Thai iced coffee? Thai iced coffee is the most delicious Iced coffee you will ever encounter.

The coffee is way better than the coffee concoctions in your next coffee shop, and best of all, it is easy to make. Also, if you decide to purchase some, Thai is the most affordable iced coffee on your next street. Being the local version of Starbucks, you’ll find Thai coffee in most coffee shops in Thailand.

To make Thai iced coffee, you need coffee, sugar and condensed milk. Brew the two ingredients together and add flavour to the iced coffee. It would be best to make the coffee strong and semi-thick for the caffeinated taste.

Making Thai iced coffee by yourself means that you have the privilege of choosing your preferred coffee blend. You can also add spices such as cardamom, almond or vanilla extract for a more delicious and refreshing taste. Thai iced coffee will be the best for quenching your thirst on that hot sunny day afternoon.

Recipe for Making Thai iced Coffee

There isn’t a more delicious and unique iced coffee than Thai iced coffee. Once you taste Thai iced coffee, there is no looking back. You will have it all year round. Be it during winter or summer. There is just something so energizing about Thai iced coffee. It could even be the cure for your endless problems! The best thing is that it is easy to make it at home.

To make Thai iced coffee, you need sweetened condensed milk, crushed ice, and preferred spices. Now that you have all the ingredients, let us go through making Thai iced coffee.

  1. Add your preferred spices to the ground coffee and brew them together.
  2. Transfer the coffee into a large glass, add spices such as almond extract, and stir them together to combine.
  3. Fill some glasses with the crushed ice, then add coffee to each one. Add a tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk to each of the glasses. You are now free to taste your Thai iced coffee. You may add some sweetened condensed milk to your coffee if desired.

Thai iced coffee is different because you add spices directly to the coffee and brew them together. The sweetened condensed milk makes the coffee creamy and sweet. The spices give the iced coffee different flavours, so you can always go for your most preferred one. But, of course, it all depends on the type of day.

What Is Thai Iced Coffee

How Does Thai Iced Coffee Taste Like?

Thai iced coffee is a deliciously refreshing drink from sweetened condensed or regular milk and different spices. Thai coffee has a strong flavour since most of the recipes involve roasted beans and the addition of different spices.

The best thing about Thai coffee is that though it is very strong, you are free to tone it down with condensed milk. However, you will still have a strong flavour even after toning it down.

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Final Thought

Iced coffee has become very popular over the years, particularly amongst young adults. You will discover that iced coffee is flavorful, smoother and less acidic. These qualities make this coffee more appealing for anyone looking for a delicious and refreshing iced coffee.

Research shows that 66 % of coffee lovers would go for iced coffee any day. It might be difficult for some to choose between iced and hot coffee because of weather changes. For example, some will go for hot coffee during winter but choose iced coffee during summer. However, the majority of young adults would go for iced coffee at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Thai Coffee Different?

The difference between Thai coffee and other types of iced coffee is that you add spices directly into the grounded coffee or beans and brew them together.

Is Iced Coffee Better?

Some people may be wondering why one would opt for iced coffee, especially in winter. Well, Iced coffee is the real deal. You won’t have to wait for it to cool once at the coffee shop. Also, you won’t scorch your tongue. Researchers have also proven that iced coffee is less acidic than other coffee types. It is worth noting that when the iced coffee is healthier when it is less acidic.
Another reason why iced coffee is considered better is that it is easy to make. You only need the right ingredients and a filter for the coffee beans. In around ten minutes, your flavorful iced coffee will be ready. You will not only save time but money too. We can all agree that iced coffee is your all-time favourite drink.