What’s the Best Coffee Maker for Home

Depending on the type of coffee drinker you are, there will be a range of machines from drip, espresso, French press and cold brew coffee makers.
What's the Best Coffee Maker for Home

Buying a coffee maker for your home is no simple task. What’s the Best Coffee Maker for Home with a world full of multiple kinds of machines to choose from? Eventually, it boils down to you why and the what’s of the machines you are going to go for. Coffee machines are an everyday appliance, and as a precaution, durable and convenient are the first issues to mind when doing your search.

Today, coffee makers will do far much more than the traditional makes. Many come with a combination of activities delivering the best brew at your convenience. Some have grinders others are automatic, while others make more than one type of drink. When we talk about a machine best suited for home, we ask ourselves questions about the type of home we have, why we want this model, the number of people in that household or simply the need we want to solve with that machine.

Today, coffee makers have added many features to make brewing exciting and others to reduce the time taken to make that cup of Joe. Depending on the type of coffee drinker you are, there will be a range of machines from drip, espresso, French press and cold brew coffee makers.

Let’s take a journey through the best coffee makers for home and have you a caffeine fix.

At a glance;

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What’s the Best Coffee Maker for Home selection process?

Which coffee machine is suitable and why? These are some of the questions one should answer by choosing the best coffee maker for home.

Space, the coffee maker, will take.

It’s essential to know the kind of space you are willing to lose for that machine. We have indicated measurements to enable you to measure the area it will occupy. Also, be sure about the clearance of the cabinets as not all coffee makers will fit under or will be suitable to use under the cabinets.

Type of brew you need.

What kind of coffee will you be making? What type of coffee drinkers do you have in your home? Grounds will make drinks for many, while pods will make coffee on a single-serve. Choosing grounds or pods also gives an opportunity to see the type of machine you can use with them.


Today coffee machines have all kinds of tech and displays to make the coffee experience easier and more varied. Some offer brew strength controls, others automatic or semi-automatic, some can brew coffees and tea simultaneously. But, of course, the more advanced it gets, the more money you will use.

We have now listed the pointers on how to choose the best coffee maker for your home. Now let’s go through some of those that we have found best for you….

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker with 6 Brew Sizes

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Dimensions: 11.81 x 10.01 x 15 inches |Capacity: 10 cups |Warranty: one year limited |Grounds or pods: Grounds

  • Makes coffees and teas
  • Choice of thermal and glass carafe
  • Highly versatile
  • Does not make espresso

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System offer an array of drinks in different sizes. Make tea, cold brews and coffee using this machine with temperature and brew times adjusted according to the choice of drink you make right from the clearly marked display.

‘There is nothing not to love with this machine’, ‘incredible,’ and ‘amazing’ are the accolades this machine has over its customers and here is why save for a few negative ones.

The tea and coffee have separate brew baskets, which with its smart recognition system, display coffee or tea options. It also has 6 brew sizes where you can brew from a single cup to a full carafe. Enjoy 5 brew styles classic, rich, over ice, cold brew and speciality.

The machine here makes adjustments according to the option that you make. That means that while making tea, green tea temperature will be lower than if it was black tea. You will love it for its ease of use and variations. Its ability to produce many complex brews of coffee and tea makes this machine versatile enough to have in your home.

It is pretty quiet for a machine of many qualities on the plus side, and you will appreciate the delayed brew programming.

Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker: best bean to cup

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Dimensions: 7.48 x 11.2 x 15.16 inches | Capacity: 12 cups | Warranty: limited 3-year warranty |Grounds or pods: Grounds

  • Brew pause mechanism
  • 1-4 cup feature
  • Programmable 24 hrs
  • Separate grind and filter area for easy cleaning
  • The grinder is loud.
  • Limited amount of beans thus make weak coffee for 12 cups
  • The body unit is plastic

You can’t get a fresher cup of coffee with this model, the Cuisinart DGB- 550 BKP1. With an integrated mechanism that automatically grinds beans before dispensing them into the filter basket. This way, you get the most flavour from your coffee. Then, just with the press of a button, you can program the machine for 24 hours to brew your coffee.

It also has other unique features. It brews 1-4 cups of coffee and goes up to 12 cups, suitable for families that operate under different schedules. The zero to four-hour auto shut-off setting assists when in a hurry and makes it energy efficient. Brew – pause features are most valuable when you like to sneak a cup of coffee before the whole cycle is done.

The front faces of the machine open up to reveal the permanent filter basket making it the most economical machine, especially when you are new to brewing. Also, having detachable parts of this machine makes it easy to clean. For a machine with a grinder and this cost, you have the best value.

Technivorm Moccamaster 53941 KBGV, 10-Cup Coffee Maker: best drip coffee maker

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Dimensions: 6.5 x 12.75 x 14 inches |Capacity: 10 cups |Warranty: 5 years |Grounds or pods: Grounds

  • SCA certified
  • Choice of brew size
  • Fast brewing of 4-6 minutes
  • Simple to operate
  • It is not programmable

The Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV is a step up from the previous KBG model. Technivorm Moccamaster is one of the best drip coffee makers in the market. It has lived up to its name judging by the great coffee maker’s great reviews, worth every dollar so far, excellent craftsmanship, and so many more praises.

Some of the features are; brew volume selector for half or full carafe, the cone-shaped brew basket, which steeps grounds for 4-6 minutes, thus extracting its full flavour. In addition, the copper boiling element, which rapidly heats the water to 91.11 C and shuts down when the water reservoir is empty, features this beautiful brewer.

In addition, it meets the golden cup standards, which are a set of guidelines established by SCA to achieve quality brews. You want to interrupt the brew, no problem. Pick the carafe, and the machine will automatically top the brew until it is replaced.

Espressione Stainless Steel Machine Espresso and Coffee Maker: Best speciality

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Dimensions: 14.6 x 13 x 11.4 inches |Capacity: 12 cups |Warranty: One year Limited |Grounds or pods: Uses grounds and pods

  • Utilizes ground and pods to make coffee
  • The drip tray can accommodate taller mugs
  • Has a possible learning curve.

This brings to mind a combination of two machines in one. Then you have the opportunity to use your grounds or espresso pods. It will be an excellent addition if you have a home where people have different tastes. The drip coffee system will have your 10-cup carafe, while the manual espresso will have your speciality drinks right there at home.

This machine also has advanced features like the 19-bar pump that operates at 1250 watts and the electronic temperature control with one selector knob. The double spout will brew you two shots of espresso together. Some of its features are manual, as the espresso head has no stiff learning curve, and you get its operations pretty quickly.

This is a rare opportunity to work with both grounds and pods and to utilize the features found in an espresso machine and a drip coffee machine. Treat it with ease and expertise of both worlds, then enjoy your brew.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine: best espresso maker

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Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.6 x 13.1 inches |Capacity: Single-serve |Warranty: One year limited |Grounds or pods: Grounds

  • Easy human interaction
  • High-quality espresso
  • Fast and reliable
  • A little bit pricey
  • Requires a bit of learning operating

You will not get tired of the espresso this machine can make, especially if you are used to having just plain black coffee. This is an investment that will make lattes and cappuccinos too at barista-level expertise. It’s in the mid-range expensive league, but don’t let that discourage you from having a machine with a café-quality type of coffee.

Take your beans, and the burr grinder will grind to have your espresso in less than one minute. With the dose control grinding, freshly ground coffee is delivered to the portafilter directly to make your preferred taste. Water is pressurized gradually from the start, ensuring total extraction of flavours from the ground coffee delivering a balanced cup.

This machine looks all complex, but the grand size dial gives you control over all the brews and grinds. More so, the burr grinder will have beans ground to the most acceptable size before brewing. It also does come with multiple accessories like 1 & 2 cup Single & Dual Wall Filter Baskets, Coffee Scoop, Integrated Tamper, Stainless Steel Milk Jug, Cleaning Disc, Tablets, Brush Tool & Allen Key, and Water Filter & Filter Holder.

If you are looking for a more complete coffee machine, this is the one. You will enjoy having consistent espresso.

Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

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Dimensions: 12.5” H X 15.3” W X 11.7” D |Capacity: 6, 8, 10, 12 oz |Warranty: One year limited |Grounds or pods: Pods |Material: Plastic

  • Option to use ground coffee is great
  • Ease of use
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Takes a lot of counter space

Expect nothing but the best with the Keurig K- café single serve. They have, over the years, mastered the art of being quick and consistent. As a result, this machine makes bold coffee shots. Make hot or iced lattes and cappuccinos or plain coffee with the simple button controls by just inserting the k- cup pod.

The best and unique feature we found about this machine was that it was compatible with the k-cup universal reusable coffee filter. The ability to use your own ground coffee is a plus for this purchase. A morning routine will never be the same again with the 60 oz water reservoir, which allows you to make six cups before refilling.

Brew froth and enjoy with over 7-inch mugs holder and the sufficient energy auto off while idle over two hours.

Verdict on What’s the Best Coffee Maker for Home

Ninja hot and cold is worth our pick as it makes speciality drinks and also for its flexibility. A household that utilizes different types of drinks every morning will be favoured. The Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 makes a list for its consistency in the brew, programming and the 12 cup carafe.

Buyers guide: What’s the Best Coffee Maker for Home

Reusable vs Paper filters

Decide on the filter you will want in your machine. Reusable filters are better as they are washable and environmentally friendly. On the other hand, the paper filters tend to be better at filtering, but you will have to dig deeper into your pocket every other time.


Work within your budget. Get a machine that works hard but sits comfortably within your means. Expensive doesn’t mean better, nor does cheaper mean bad. There are great one’s today that come within anybody budget. Take your time researching.


We make it our duty to let you know if a product has a warranty because it would be careless to have one without. The manufacturer’s assurance sits at the heart of that warrant.

Final thoughts on What’s the Best Coffee Maker for Home

The best coffee maker for a home can be overwhelming to choose which is suitable to meet your needs. There are different models available today for you with their advantages and disadvantages. We have, however, narrowed down the search for you in the article to provide much-needed guidance.

Feel free to share your views on the article and how you best prepare your cup of coffee. You can also share with friends and family who found this article incite full or on social media using any of the social icons on this page.

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